Just a humongous clock for the terminal
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Signed-off-by: Mattias Andrée <maandree@kth.se>
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	mongoclock - Just a humongous clock for the terminal


	Type mongoclock in the terminal and it will either,
	depending on the terminal size, show the time HH:MM
	or HH:MM:SS with humongous digits.

	If the terminal is too small, it will not run.

	mongoclock is designed to be fit on most screens
	and be readable from all practical distances, so
	that it can be used in place of a standard wall-
	or alarm-clock. If the font is not big enough for
	your (or if it is too large,) just change the
	font size on your terminal. If it is not the
	right colour for you, simply change the font
	colour on your terminal. ☺

	It is really nice to have a large clock on your
	computer, instead of a small clock somewhere in
	your room, when your are sleeping. It is also
	nice to have a glansable clock available on your
	netbook for when you need to keep track of the
	time but are not working on a computer.
	Pocket-watches are just too much work to getting
	up, opening, closing, and putting down, and you
	would not like to forget it when you leave if
	you are in a public place.