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Built in pure HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Mobile first.
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Marcus Liljehammar - web-portfolio

Built in pure HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript with a Mobile first-philosophy. To infinity and beyond.


Feel free to take anything you want from this repo. I believe in total freedom in sharing of code and creative ideas. Credit is appriciated but not necessary.


This portfolio was first built as a personal challenge for me. The progress I have made during the years has been really big and since I worked out of the "web page making"-world for a while I came back in 2017 to do this portfolio just show to myself I could do it without any help from Twitter Bootsrap or Wordpress. The idea now is to have a home for my projects I have been working on since 2014 to show off for any future employers or recruiters.

Libraries used

A special thanks

A very special 'thank you' goes to oh so important CSS-Tricks for the "Same page"-scrolling snippet. That was part of the reason why I did a one page-template in the first place.

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