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Aural Player is an audio player application for the macOS platform, that was inspired by the classic Winamp player for Windows.
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Aural Player

App demo


Aural Player is an audio player application for the macOS platform. Inspired by the classic Winamp player for Windows, it is designed to be to-the-point, easy to use, and customizable, with some sound tuning capabilities for audio enthusiasts.

What it is:

  • A simple drag-drop-play player for the music collection on your local hard drive(s), that requires no configuration out of the box, although plenty of customization/configuration is possible
  • (I hope) A decent macOS alternative for Winamp (you be the judge).

What it is not (at the moment):

  • A streaming audio player that connects to internet radio stations/services
  • A scrobbler


Download the latest release here.

See all releases


  1. Mount the AuralPlayer-x.y.z.dmg image file
  2. Copy to your local drive (e.g. Applications folder)
  3. Run the copied app. You will likely see a security warning and the app will not open because the app's developer is not recognized by macOS.
  4. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Open anyway, to allow to open.

NOTE - Please don't run the app directly from within the image. It is a compressed image, and may result in the app behaving slowly and/or unpredictably. So, copy it outside and run the copy.


User: Running Aural Player requires macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later versions.

Developer: To develop Aural Player with Swift 4.2 requires macOS 10.13.4 or later (High Sierra) and XCode 10.


  • Supported file types:

    • Audio formats:
      • Supported natively - MP3, AAC, ALAC, FLAC*, AIFF/AIFC, AC3, WAV, CAF, and other Core Audio formats. See entire list.
      • Supported via transcoding** - Vorbis (OGG/OGA), Opus (OPUS/OGG/OGA), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Monkey's Audio (APE), MP2, WavPack (WV), Musepack (MPC), DSD Streaming File (DSF), and Digital Theater Systems (DTS) (New!)
    • Container formats: M4A (AAC/ALAC), OGG (Vorbis/Opus), Matroska Audio (MKA) for streams of any of the above audio formats
    • Playlist files: M3U/M3U8

    * FLAC is natively supported on macOS High Sierra and later versions, and is supported via transcoding on macOS Sierra and older versions.

    ** Aural Player will detect and automatically transcode (i.e. convert) the file, prior to playback, leaving the original file unmodified. Metadata, including cover art, will be read and displayed, if available. This whole process is seamless and effortless to the user.

  • Playback:

    • Bookmarking - mark a single position or a segment loop between two track positions
    • Track segment looping - define two loop points and loop between them indefinitely
    • Specify 2 different custom seek lengths (fine-grained and coarse-grained seeking)
    • Insert timed gaps of silence (up to 24 hours) before/after tracks ... either per track or for all tracks
    • Delayed track playback, with up to a 24 hour delay
    • Option to remember last playback position ... either per track or for all tracks
    • "Jump to time" function - quickly skip to a specific track position
    • Configurable autoplay (on app startup and/or when tracks are added)
  • Effects:

    • Graphic equalizer - 10-band and 15-band
    • Pitch shift - Range: -2 octaves to +2 octaves
    • Time stretch (playback rate) - Range: 0.25x to 4x
    • Reverb - space preset and amount
    • Delay - time, amount, feedback, and low pass cutoff
    • Filter (up to 31 bands: Band stop / Band pass / Low pass / High pass)
    • Dynamic control coloring to indicate unit state
    • Option to remember sound settings ... either per track or for all tracks
    • Save effects settings as presets ... per effects unit or all effects as a whole
    • Recording of clips in AAC/ALAC/AIFF formats - captures applied effects
  • Information:

    • ID3, iTunes, WMA, Vorbis Comment, ApeV2, and other metadata (when available). Option to export textual metadata as HTML/JSON.
    • Cover art (when available). Option to export cover art as JPEG/PNG.
    • Lyrics (when available)
    • File system information and technical audio data
  • Playlist:

    • Grouping of tracks by artist/album/genre for convenient browsing
    • Searching and sorting by multiple criteria (e.g. artist/title/album/disc#/track#)
    • Type selection: Type the name of a track to try to find it
    • Functions to conveniently crop/invert track selection, reorder tracks, and scroll through the playlist
  • Track lists:

    • Favorites list
    • Chronologically ordered recently added and recently played lists for added convenience.
  • View:

    • Several built-in window layout presets, window snapping with configurable spacing, collapsible views.
    • Save your customized window layouts as presets so you can use them again at any time
    • Hide individual UI components, such as album art or toolbars, per your preference, to get the UI looking more like you want it.
  • Usability:

    • Gesture recognition for essential player/playlist controls (trackpad/MagicMouse). Examples:

      • Two finger vertical scroll for volume control
      • Two finger horizontal scroll for seeking
      • Three finger horizontal swipe to change tracks
      • Three finger vertical swipe to scroll to top/bottom of playlist
    • Keyboard shortcuts and menu items for quick and convenient access to functionality. Examples:

      • < / > keys to quickly adjust playback rate (i.e. Time stretch effects unit)
      • + / - keys to quickly adjust pitch (i.e. Pitch shift effects unit)
      • Shift/Alt+1 to increase/decrease Equalizer bass
  • Customization:

    • Configure two independent seek lengths to your liking, used by two independent sets of seek controls … either as a constant value or a percentage of track duration. For instance, set one to a short interval and set the other to a longer interval to quickly skip through large audiobooks while also being able to perform more fine-grained seeking to get to exactly where you want within the track.
    • Click on the track time labels around the seek bar to change the display format to either hh:mm:ss or number of seconds or percentage of track duration
    • Configure how you want the app to look/behave on startup: Autoplay, volume and effects settings on startup, window layout on startup, remembered or default playlist on startup, etc.
    • Configure the increment/decrement for volume/pan and effects unit adjustments
    • Configure window snapping behavior, mouse sensitivity for gestures, and more …
    • Editors to manage all your saved custom app state, such as effects presets, bookmarks, favorites, window layouts, etc, so you can edit your saved data and delete unwanted or old data to prevent clutter

Planned updates

  • Support for more container formats - e.g. ASF, MP4, etc.
  • Better parsing of FLAC/Ogg/WMA metadata tags
  • Support for surround sound (AC3 and DTS)
  • Enhanced eager transcoding and more advanced control over transcoding behavior
  • A new status bar player mode
  • A new "floating" miniature player view that stays on top and can be used when working on other apps and Aural Player is intended to be kept in the background
  • A new parametric equalizer allowing specification of center frequency and bandwidth per band
  • New color schemes


Default view

App screenshot

Track segment loop playback (red segment on seek bar)

App screenshot

Using the Effects panel to disable/enable effects

App screenshot2

Transcoding of non-natively supported tracks (e.g. WMA/OGG)


Delayed track playback

App screenshot2

Insertings gaps of silence around tracks

App screenshot2

Detailed track info popover

App screenshot w/ more info view

Lyrics display

App screenshot w/ lyrics view


App screenshot w/ more info view

Saving an effects unit preset

App screenshot w/ more info view

Changing the window layout with one click

App screenshot2

Customizing the player view

Player view

Equalizer effects unit


Filter effects unit

Filter Filter

Delay effects unit


Playlist search

Playlist search

Third party code and contributor attributions

Aural Player uses FFmpeg which, in the binary form used by Aural Player, is licensed under GPL v3. In compliance with the license, I have made the FFmpeg source code (and instructions to compile it) available under /Resources/ffmpeg, and also included it as an asset with each release of Aural Player.

Aural Player makes use of (a modified version of) a reusable UI control called RangeSlider.

Fellow GitHub member Dunkeeel made significant contributions towards this project - performance optimizations, UX improvements, etc.

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