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MAD4Jekyll - Theme for Jekyll

!!! Configured for USER pages !!!

Welcome to MAD4Jekyll!

'MAD4Jekyll' is a theme for Jekyll

The template has been revised as of August 27th, 2016.

A big thank you to Patrick Mukherjee for his contribution on regenerating the code.

It is based on Clean Blog theme by Start Bootstrap.


Header Image

A brief description

A slider (it is turned off by default, since there is a also a separate section for a gallery)

Contact Info


A logo on the left side

3 Pages for 'blogging', 'gallery sliders', 'about'.

Search page, with all the tags and categories at the bottom
Footnotes poping up.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Before You Begin

Set the _config.yml file, with your personal info!

What's Included

A full Jekyll environment is included with this theme. If you have Jekyll installed, simply run jekyll serve in your command line and preview the build in your browser. You can use jekyll serve --watch to watch for changes in the source files as well.

A Grunt environment is also included. There are a number of tasks it performs like minification of the JavaScript, compiling of the LESS files, adding banners to keep the Apache 2.0 license intact, and watching for changes. Run the grunt default task by entering grunt into your command line which will build the files. You can use grunt watch if you are working on the JavaScript or the LESS.

You can run jekyll serve --watch and grunt watch at the same time to watch for changes and then build them all at once.