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BSP layer for Nvidia Tegra
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madisongh cuda.bbclass: add cmake CUDA language support
cmake 3.8 and later have built-in language support for CUDA,
replacing the FindCUDA package finder. Add settings to support
this for Tegra cross-compilation.

[For #83 and #138]

Signed-off-by: Matt Madison <>
Latest commit b07f9f5 Jun 15, 2019


OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for NVIDIA Tegra X1/X2/AGX/K1

Boards supported:
* Jetson-TK1 development kit (Linux4Tegra R21.7)
* Jetson-TX1 development kit (Linux4Tegra R32.1, JetPack 4.2 [see note below])
* Jetson-TX2 development kit (Linux4Tegra R32.1, JetPack 4.2)
* Jetson AGX Xavier development kit (Linux4Tegra R32.1, JetPack 4.2)
* Jetson Nano development kit (Linux4Tegra R32.1, JetPack 4.2)

This layer depends on:
URI: git://
branch: master


* Starting with JetPack 4.2, packages outside the L4T BSP can
  only be downloaded with an NVIDIA Developer Network login.
  So to use CUDA 10, cuDNN, and any other packages that require
  a Devnet login, you **must** create a Devnet account and
  download the JetPack packages you need for your builds using
  NVIDIA SDK Manager.

  You must then set the variable NVIDIA_DEVNET_MIRROR to
  "file://path/to/the/downloads" in your build configuration
  (e.g., local.conf) to make them available to your bitbake

* CUDA 10 supports up through gcc 7 only, and some NVIDIA-provided
  binary libraries appear to be compiled with g++ 7 and cause linker
  failures when building applications with g++ 6, so **only** gcc 7
  should be used if you intend to use CUDA. (For Jetson-TK1, CUDA 6.5
  supports up through gcc 5.x only.)

* NVIDIA **does not support** Jetson-TX1 with L4T R32.1/JetPack 4.2.
  DO NOT use this version of the BSP for Jetson-TX1 systems if you
  need vendor support. Only R28.x and earlier versions of L4T are
  supported on that platform.

Selecting the toolchain version

Toolchain version selection is usually a distro configuration setting,
but you can also set this in your build/conf/local.conf file. To use
gcc 7 instead of gcc 8, set:


but you will also need the gcc 7 toolchain recipes in one of your layers,
since it was retired from OE-Core in favor of gcc 8.


Please use GitHub ( to submit
issues or pull requests, or add to the documentation on the wiki.
Contributions are welcome!
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