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BEEBS: Open Benchmarks for Energy Measurements on Embedded Platforms

This repository contains the Bristol/Embecosm Embedded Benchmark Suite (BEEBS).These benchmarks are designed to test the performance of deeply embedded systems, particularly with regard to energy consumed. As such they assume the presence of no OS and in particular no output stream.

For the paper describing the benchmarks and reasoning behind the choice of benchmarks see

For an example of their use, see


The strength of the benchmark suite is the ability to run on embedded devices, however the suite can also be compiled to be executed natively:

$ ./configure
$ make

This will create a benchmark in each directory in ./src. However, the benchmark suite can be cross compiled for a number of architectures and development boards. Each target needs the prerequisite tools installed:

  • Breadboarded ATMEGA328P (with USB to serial programmer)
  • Breadboarded PIC32MX250F128B (with PICKIT2 as a programmer)
  • SAM4L Xplained
  • XMEGA-A3BU Xplained Pro
  • MSP-EXP439F5529LP LaunchPad

Compiling for one these boards will produce executables for that board, which toggle a specific pin at the beginning and end of the benchmark. This allows them to be easily hooked up to other tools for time and energy measurements.

In order to compile for a given board, configure must be invoked with the following options:

$ ./configure --host=<host> --with-chip=<chip> --with-board=<board>

Where <host> is the host triple, and <chip and <board> are the names of the chip and board directories under the config folder in the source tree. For example, to configure for the STM32F0DISCOVERY:

$ ./configure --host=arm-none-eabi --with-chip=stm32f051 \

Using the tests

All tests provide the functions initialize_trigger (), start_trigger () and stop_trigger () to control measurement of the test execution (performance, energy consumed etc). The implementation of these functions should be provided in boardsupport.c.

The number of times each test is run is controlled by the constant REPEAT_FACTOR set in the file include/support.h. This should be edited as required.

Versions of the tests

Different versions of the benchmarks carry tags, to allow groups to agree on a precise version used.

release-0.1: This version of BEEBS is described in Pallister, J., Hollis, S., & Bennett, J. (2013). BEEBS: Open Benchmarks for Energy Measurements on Embedded Platforms. Available:

This is also the version used in Pallister, J., Hollis, S., & Bennett J. (2013). "Identifying Compiler Options to Minimise Energy Consumption for Embedded Platforms". Available

Origin of the tests

All of these benchmarks are derived from other benchmark suites:

  • MiBench
  • WCET set of benchmarks
  • DSPstone

All are freely available for use, but some lack specific license provisions. For the avoidance of doubt, the versions provided here are explicitly licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Misc Notes

If build-aux/config.sub is regenerated, the following command needs to be run to ensure pic32 is recognised as a valid tools prefix.

sed -i 's/powerpcle \\/powerpcle \\\n    | pic32 \\/' $SCR_DIR/build-aux/config.sub


A set of benchmarks chosen to show the energy consumption of embedded devices under different conditions







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