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parent mode for magit-log-edit-mode #424

cinsk opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Since github uses markdown markup for commit message, it would be interesting if the magit-log-edit-mode could syntax highlight for the markdown syntax.

The easiest way would be change the parent mode for magit-log-edit-mode to markdown-mode, however it will be bad decision because not all users uses markdown-mode.

I cannot provide clean solution for this, but will you kindly consider to support to use XXX mode as the parent mode for magit-log-edit-mode, or to provide clean solution for this?

Thank you.


My initial idea is to create advice function for magit-log-edit to replace text-mode into markdown-mode. But I failed since markdown-mode also uses text-mode. :(

    (defadvice magit-log-edit (around cinsk/magit-log-edit-markdown 
                                      (&optional arg))
      (flet ((text-mode () (markdown-mode)))

You would have to do something like this:

(if (require 'markdown-mode nil t)
    (define-derived-mode magit-log-edit-mode markdown-mode "Magit Log Edit")
  (define-derived-mode magit-log-edit-mode text-mode "Magit Log Edit"
    ;; Recognize changelog-style paragraphs
    (set (make-local-variable 'paragraph-start)
         (concat paragraph-start "\\|*\\|("))))

No discussion on this one for a while. Here is another idea: could we make log-edit a minor mode?


@lunaryorn does git-commit-mode support something like this.

@others see


@tarsius Git Commit Mode will not derive from Markdown Mode. Git commit messages are no Markdown generally.

However, I might refactor parts of Git Commit Mode into a minor mode, or find some other means of interacting with Markdown Mode, if there is need. Please open a corresponding issue in the Git Modes repository.


@lunaryorn I agree that git-commit-mode should not derive from markdown-mode. Turning git-commit-mode into a minor mode or something along that line seems like an interesting idea though.

I won't add such a feature to magit's own commit (log-edit) mode, it should stay simple. Please use git-commit-mode and take the discussion to magit/git-modes#17.

@tarsius tarsius closed this
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