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really lightweight and simple javascript template system Build Status

##supported syntax:

  • single variable parameters: {{varname}}
  • escaped single variable parameters: {{{varname}}}
  • if syntax: {{varname?}}varname as a value{{?varname}}
  • if not syntax {{varname!?}}varname as a value{{?varname}}
  • loop through each elements {{#elements}}<li>{{propname}}</li>{{/elements}}
    • even using alias {{#elements as elmt}}<li>{{elmt.propname}}</li>{{/elements}}
  • support dotted notation {{childs.length}}
    • even back reference ``{{../propName}}
  • can even include sub templates {{>subTemplateName}}
  • filtering properties dynamicly {{firstname|ucFirst}}
    • including builtin filters: empty, jsonEncode, lowerCase, ucFirst, upperCase, nl2br


  • stpl.registerScriptTag(DOMelment scriptTag,[String name (default to rel attribute value)]) register the content of a script type="text/stpl" as a template string
  • stpl.registerString(String name, String templateString) register a string as a template
  • stpl.registerFilter(String name,Function filter) register a filter any global function can be used as a filter without being previously registered
  • stpl.preload() preload all script tags with type="text/stpl" as template string using their rel attribute as name.
  • stpl.renderString(String templateString,Object datas,Object context) render the given template string using given datas. A context may be passed ans will be used for accessing parent properties for example
  • stpl(String templateName, Object datas) will render previously registered template string with given datas