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AISTATS 2019: Lovász Convolutional Networks
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Lovász Convolutional Networks

Source code for AISTATS 2019 paper: Lovász Convolutional Networks.


  • Compatible with TensorFlow 1.x and Python 3.x.
  • Dependencies can be installed using requirements.txt.


  • The current code allows evaluation on synthetic datasets which can be downloaded from here.

Evaluate pretrained model:

  • Run for setting up the environment and extracting the datasets and pre-trained models.
  • contains TensorFlow (1.x) based implementation of LCN (proposed method).
  • Execute for evaluating pre-trained LCN model on all four datasets.

Training from scratch:

  • Execute for setting up the environment and extracting datasets.

  • For training LCN run:

    python -data citeseer -name new_run -kernel <lovasz/kls/none>


Please cite us if you use this code.

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For any clarification, comments, or suggestions please create an issue or contact

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