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OSU CS Course Explorer

Wondering how hard your next class might be? Did other students think CS162 was a bloodbath, too? This app can tell you!

The OSU eCampus subreddit collects course reviews from real students into this spreadsheet, but the spreadsheet is large and hard to navigate. This app lets you view individual course reviews and aggregates difficulty ratings and time spent.

This project was generated with the Angular Full-Stack Generator version 4.2.2.

OSU Course Explorer - March 2018



Building & Running

nvm use 12 to use version 12 of node. Gulp is on version 3 and is incompatible with more recent versions of node. I recommend using Node Version Manager to install and switch between versions of node.

Run npm install to install dependencies after switching to node 12.

For setup on a new machine:

gulp build

cd dist

git init

heroku git:remote -a <your-project>

gulp buildcontrol:heroku

For subsequent runs:

Run gulp build for building and gulp serve for preview on localhost:3000.

Run gulp buildcontrol:heroku to deploy to Heroku.


Run npm test to run the unit tests with karma.

Change log

August 2021

  • Updated to latest google-spreadsheets node package to keep up with current Google Spreadsheets API version
  • There are now 1212 course reviews!

May 2021

  • Maintenance: Modernized node, updated packages, added a Google ad (sorry, this app costs money to run)

March 2018

  • New feature: "Common pairings", a new chart displaying the courses most frequently paired with a particular course as per the student-reported data
  • New feature: "Group work", a short section describing the course's amount and type of group work (if any)
  • Major bug fix: app now includes course reviews that co-exist on the same line in the spreadsheet. Switched to Google Spreadsheet package and improved the way rows are parsed. App now displays 658 reviews.

November 2017

  • App goes live with 330+ course reviews.

Thank you, everyone, for your feedback and interest in the Course Explorer!

© 2021 Mandi Burley


Angular-based web app allows OSU eCampus CS students to view candid class reviews from past students. Data scraped from OSU subreddit survey.







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