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Sherloq Talk plugin

The following plugin sends Talk ( comments to Sherloq for moderation

Here's a video about how the integration looks:

Alt text

Getting started

  1. Install the sherloq-talk plugin from NPM by following Talk plugin instructions

  2. Create an account in Sherloq (

  3. Once logged in, create a token by going the Tokens menu

Set the env variable SHERLOQ_TOKEN with the token created in the previous step.

Advanced Configuration

Set the following env variables in your talk setup:

  • SHERLOQ_TOKEN (required) - Sherloq account API token
  • SHERLOQ_API_URL (optional for dev setup) - Sherloq API endpoint
  • SHERLOQ_CONFIG (optional) - string based json settings:

  • noAction - Set true if no action should be taken (default false)
  • flag
    • score - Flag comment in dep-mod streams if SherloQ score is greater of equal to this value
  • reject
    • score - Accept or reject comments depending on this score value