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Why do polygon coords need to be in correct order? #5

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First, this lib is just awesome and i wanna thank you for creating and sharing it!

Now my question, why do coords of the polygon in isPointInside do need to be in the correct order? The reason why i ask is because if i make some points on a piece of paper, there is only one way i can connect the points without a line crossing an other line.

Do they have to be in correct order because the way you wrote the function or do i oversee something and it is technically not possible? I completly understand that it might be much more work and you don`t want or have no time to do it, i am just curious.




thank you for your feedback!

Maybe you can understand it better when you have a look at the following image:

The red dot (your "position") and all other spots are exactly at the same position in both images. Only the order of the coordinates differs. In version 1 your spot is not inside the polygon, in version 2 it is.


Ok i see it now, hm i have a feeling that there is some solution for this. I will post it if i figure it out! ;O



Save your time. You're trying to find a solution for a problem which does not exist. It of course always matters in which order your spots are. In case 1 your position is just not within the polygon and that's totally fine.


OK you are absolutely right, thanks

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