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A Ruby wrapper around the CouchDB REST API.

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Makura is a Ruby wrapper around the CouchDB REST API.

It doesn't provide a lot of bells and whistles, but aims to be as close to the original API as possible, while taking advantage of Ruby's expressive power.

Most ideas for this have been gathered while trying other libraries such as CouchObject, CouchRest, and RelaxDB.

It does so with almost no modification of ruby libraries and makes it simple to switch the HTTP library used by changing one method. Eventually Makura will be using an evented http library to provide better performance.

We are using the json library, which adds following methods: To Kernel: #j, #jj, #JSON To Object and most core classes: #to_json To String: #to_json_raw_object, #to_json, #to_json_raw


  • CouchDB - 0.9 trunk (rev 725909 and higher)
  • rest-client
  • rack
  • json


  • Simple Models, the CouchDB way and without magic.
  • Free choice of inheritance, just include the Makura::Model module.
  • Smart interpretation of returned JSON.
  • Direct mapping of javascript files to map/reduce functions for views.
  • CouchDB specific error reporting, no meaningless HTTP status code.
  • Live update of views during runtime.
  • Easy configuration, possibility to use different servers and databases each model.


See the /example/blog.rb

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