The plugin to integerate Echarts3 as a layer with maptalks.js
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A maptalks Layer to render with great echarts 3 library.




  • Install with npm: npm install maptalks.e3.
  • Download from dist directory.
  • Use unpkg CDN:


As a plugin, maptalks.e3 must be loaded after maptalks.js in browsers.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
// ecOptions is echarts' options
var e3Layer = new maptalks.E3Layer('e3', ecOptions)

Supported Browsers

IE 9-11, Chrome, Firefox, other modern and mobile browsers.

API Reference

E3Layer is a subclass of maptalks.Layer and inherits all the methods of its parent.


new maptalks.E3Layer(id, ecOptions, options)
  • id String layer id
  • ecOptions Object echarts options
  • options Object options
    • renderer String renderer of the layer, only 'dom' is supported now. ('dom' by default)
    • container String specify the container for layer dom elements: 'front' or 'back' ('front' by default)
    • hideOnZooming Boolean whether hide e3layer on zooming, to improve zooming performance.
    • hideOnMoving Boolean whether hide e3layer on moving, to improve moving performance.
    • hideOnRotating Boolean whether hide e3layer on drag rotating, to improve drag rotating performance.
    • Other options defined in maptalks.Layer


get layer's echarts options

Returns Object


set a new echarts option to the layer

  • ecOptions Object echarts options

Returns this


export the E3Layer's JSON.

var json = e3layer.toJSON();

Returns Object


We welcome any kind of contributions including issue reportings, pull requests, documentation corrections, feature requests and any other helps.


The only source file is index.js.

It is written in ES6, transpiled by babel and tested with mocha and expect.js.


  • Install dependencies
$ npm install
  • Watch source changes and generate runnable bundle repeatedly
$ gulp watch
  • Tests
$ npm test
  • Watch source changes and run tests repeatedly
$ gulp tdd
  • Package and generate minified bundles to dist directory
$ gulp minify
  • Lint
$ npm run lint