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Tollguru calculates tolls and other cost information on the route to provide the cheapest, the fastest and other compromise routes


  1. toll-for-gps-tracks-csv-upload toll-for-gps-tracks-csv-upload Public

    Use GPS tracks Toll API to calculate tolls after you make the trip. You can upload your GPS tracks (in CSV format) to receive tolls for the likely route matched using the GPS tracks.


  2. toll-for-route-from-mapping-service toll-for-route-from-mapping-service Public

    Calculate tolls for complete route (all latitude, longitude coordinates) from any mapping service.


  3. toll-for-route-from-mapping-service-google-maps toll-for-route-from-mapping-service-google-maps Public

    Calculate tolls for routes from Google maps

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  4. toll-for-route-from-mapping-service-here-maps toll-for-route-from-mapping-service-here-maps Public

    Calculate tolls for routes from HERE maps

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  5. toll-for-route-from-mapping-service-mapbox toll-for-route-from-mapping-service-mapbox Public

    Calculate tolls for routes from Mapbox maps

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