DNS Server demo with Ethereum as backend
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As of 01-01-2015 this will not work any longer but I'm keeping it around for historical reasons :)

DNS Ethereum

DNSEth is a DNS server prototype that uses Ethereum as backend.

It will only ever support A records and has no recursion so make sure you have a secondary DNS server setup in case you want to give this a go.

How to register a name

  • Boot Ethereal
  • Send a transaction to 1b6a704f1c12e98b4b355d385e8eeaa7e7b237e2
  • Fill in a 0 and two strings, domain (without the .eth extension) and ip, as arguments in the data field.

For instance:


How to use the DNS

Setup as DNS server and use as secondary.

With this setup you can for instance go to http://maran.eth/ and if all is well it should work as expected.