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Memote-created repository for Rhodotorula toruloides (organism previously called Rhodosporidium toruloides) genome-scale metabolic model iRhto1108 (strain IFO0880)

Current version

Release 2: version 2023-03-01


Please use the latest model version if possible since the model is constantly updated based on new knowledge on the organism from the literature.

Hoang Dinh, 2023-03-01
Update release 2 model files, see changes in iRhto_memote/model_files

Hoang Dinh, 2020-06-30
Update to release 2, curation of beta-oxidation

Multiple formats of the model (JSON, SBML, MATLAB, YAML, and Excel) are in model_files. Escher pathway visualization maps are available at escher_maps. Supplementary files including details on biomass reaction and memote report are in supplementary_files.

Please let us know if you have any issues about or suggestions for the model by using the repository issues system.
KBase model at is not functional and longer supported due to technical issues.


If you used this model or associated results, please cite and reference the following article:
A comprehensive genome-scale model for Rhodosporidium toruloides IFO0880 accounting for functional genomics and phenotypic data. Hoang V Dinh, Patrick F Suthers, Siu Hung Joshua Chan, Yihui Shen, Tianxia Xiao, Anshu Deewan, Sujit S Jagtap, Joshua D Rabinowitz, Christopher V Rao, Huimin Zhao, Costas D Maranas. Met Eng Comm. e00101. doi: