Integration with Correios Sigep Web API
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Sigep Web

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This gem provide a easy way to integrate an application to Correios Sigep Web API, all features is based on this API documentation

Getting started

You can add it to your Gemfile with:

gem 'sigep_web'

or in your console:

gem install sigep_web


If you are using Rails put this in your environments configuration files:

SigepWeb.configure do |config|
  config.user = 'YOUR_USER'
  config.password = 'YOUR_PASSWORD'
  config.administrative_code = 'YOUR_ADM_CODE'
  config.card = 'YOUR_CARD_NUMBER'
  config.contract = 'YOUR_CONTRACT_NUMBER'

How It Works

Consulting service availability

This check whether a particular service is available from source zip code to target zip code.

SigepWeb.service_availability(service_number: '40215',
                              source_zip: '70002900',
                              target_zip: '74730490')

This method will return a hash like this if has a success response, the second attribute indicate if a particular service is available.

{ success: true, response: true }

Search Client

This method return the available services of specific post card

SigepWeb.search_client(id_contract: "0000000000",
                       id_post_card: "0000000000")

The method will return something like this

  success: true,
  response: {
    cnpj: '0000000000',
    contratos: {
      cartoes_postage: {
        codigo_administrativo: '000000000',
        numero: '000000000',
        servicos: [
            codigo: '40096',
            descricao: 'SEDEX - CONTRATO',
            id: '104625'

Zip Query

This method return the address based on zip code

SigepWeb.zip_query(zip: "70002900")

This method will return a hash like this

  success: true,
  response: {
    bairro: 'Asa Norte',
    cep: '70002900',
    cidade: 'Brasília',
    complemento: nil,
    complemento2: nil,
    end: 'SBN Quadra 1 Bloco A',
    id: '0',
    uf: 'DF'

Request Labels For Posts

Return one label or a range of labels to use for posts

SigepWeb.request_labels(receiver_type: 'C', identifier: '00000000000000',
                        id_service: '104625', qt_labels: 1)


{ success: true, response: ['DL61145929 BR'] }

Request verifying digit

to generate the verifying digit for a specific label use:

SigepWeb.generate_labels_digit_verifier(labels: 'DL61145929 BR')


{ success: true, response: 6 }

Create receiver structure

use the SigepWeb::Models::Receiver to create receiver structure: 'Josefina', email: '',
                               number: '10', address: 'Rua X',
                               complement: 'Perto da rua X+1',
                               neighborhood: 'Bairro X-1',
                               city: 'Cidade Y', uf: 'SP', amount: '0,0',
                               cep: '04105-070')

Create post object dimensions

use the SigepWeb::Models::DimensionObject to create object dimensions: '002', height: '20',
                                      width: '30', length: '38',
                                      diameter: '0')
  • object_type: use 001 to letter envelope, 002 to package/ box and 003 to roll/ cylinder

Create post object

use the SigepWeb::Models::PostalObject to create post object: 'DL611459296BR',
                                   postage_code_service: '40096',
                                   cubage: 0.0, weight: '400',
                                   receiver: receiver,
                                   dimension_object: dimension_object,
                                   processing_status: '0')
  • label_number: tracking code with verifying digit
  • postage_code: service code to use (SEDEX, PAC, etc.), for this example was used SEDEX, to get all available codes use SigepWeb.search_client
  • receiver: object instance of SigepWeb::Models::Receiver class
  • dimension_object: object instance of SigepWeb::Models::DimensionObject class
  • processing_status: default value is '0'

Create sender '16', name: 'Loja X',
                             address: 'Rua X', number: '10',
                             complement: 'perto da rua X+1',
                             neighborhood: 'Bairro Y',
                             zip_code: '7400000', city: 'Goiânia',
                             uf: 'GO', email: '',
                             postal_objects: postal_objects)

Submit the plp

SigepWeb.request_plp_services(plp: sender, id_plp_client: 00_000_000,
                              labels: labels)