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generate HTML using CSS-like selectors
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legojs - generate HTML with CSS-like selectors

legojs is an js module that allows to generate complex HTML using a syntax that is similar to CSS selectors.

legojs is inspired by zen-coding:

get it

git clone

build it

this builds the parser for the expressions

cd legojs

try it

test it

or open test/index.html in your browser

use it

there are two ways of using it, one is like any normal .js file, just add a script tag and import it (see test/index.html for an example)

the other one is using an AMD loader like requirejs, in this case you just require the lib, it will return you the legojs function standalone and will add the function to the jquery object in $.lego so you can just ignore it and use $.lego or use the returned function itself.

for an example of out to use it with requirejs see the main page at index.html


Mariano Guerra


BSD (+ optional beer to the author)

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