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Simple command line TODO LIST
C Shell
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TODO - command line todo list MM (c) 2012


You may need to give execution permission for the installation script, type this:

chmod +x

Execute the installation script typing the following command:

sudo ./

That is it, you are ready to go ;)


TODO is projected to work on your local directories. When you run todo in your current directory a ".todo_file" will be created where all your todos will be saved.

todo [option] <string>

List of options

+          displays only active todos
-          display only completed todos
add        followed by QUOTED string (ex.:"my new todo") includes a new todo
done       followed by todo's ID number, marks todo as completed
del        followed by todo's ID number, remove todo from current list
clean      deletes all list of todos ***USE WITH MODERATION***
uninstall  remove TODO application
help       display a quick command reference for the system


All tools used to build todo can be found in most of the X (linux/unix) distributions, but just to let you know, I am using:

gcc        C programing language compiler
sed        powerful string pre-processor 
awk        another powerful pre-processor


Future features that I am planning add to the project

1. swap   - change position between items of status "+" (todo)
2. top    - send item with status + to the top of the list
3. bottom - send item with status + to the top of the list
4. up     - send item up one position
5. down   - send item down one position
6. at     - include crontab job to alert about todo on specified date
7. on     - include date when todo is completed
8. mail   - send todo list to email address
9. create test and installation script with MAKE
10.attach - (todo 1 attach [path to file]) will attach file to todo item, how display attachements?
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