Advanced replacement for CouchDB's Futon admin utility.
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FTN is not under develoment at this time.


Advanced replacement for CouchDB's Futon admin utility.

The FTN github project can be found here.


FTN is currently in design (pre-alpha) and should be ready to try out by the end of the year (2012) at the latest.


  • Web-based like Futon
  • One-page responsive app
  • Tabbed interface with history
  • URL builder allows direct access to REST api
  • Easy-to-use custom views with joins
  • Doc filtering including simple view key ranges
  • Hovering over any ID shows short doc view
  • Hovering over any numeric time shows readable time/date
  • Clicking on any doc id opens doc
  • Live data updates using changes feed
  • Views with very large results supported without pagination
  • Cached in local browser-based indexedDB


FTN is a CouchDB app. To install FTN just download the ftn.couch db file from the FTN github download page into your CouchDB's db folder.


The app can be run by going to http://domain:5984/ftn/_design/ftn/index.html.

You can also directly access an arbitrary couch db url and show it in FTN. For example, if you want to see a document with an id of id in db db then you would use this url ...


Try It Out

There is a version of FTN running on iriscouch. There is the FTN db and a sample db of wikipedia entries. Try it here. To see the wikipedia text click on the expand-all icon in the editor and scroll to the bottom.

At the time of this writing FTN only accesses the db and displays it in a json editor.

FTN Technology

FTN is a CouchDB app using BackBone, written in CoffeeScript, and built with Kanso.

Preparing A Development Environment

If you are such a wonderful person that you want to help out with FTN and compile the design doc, then follow these steps...

  • Install kanso (
  • Install coffeescript (npm i -g coffee-script)
  • Create couch db called "ftn"
  • Clone this repo
  • Change to new ftn directory
  • Create file .kansorc to point to the ftn db
  • kanso install
  • kanso push

Pull requests are welcome.


The excellent json editor is by Jos de Jong. You can find it on github.


Standard MIT license. See the LICENSE file.