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Today I am freeing myself from the tyranny of having my résumé in Microsoft Word and updating it. This résumé was adapted from AwesomeCV.

Set Up

  1. To set up LaTeX: brew install mactex texmaker. If these commands do not work you can download and install MacTeX and Texmaker the old-fashioned way.
  2. Open mark-cerqueira-resume.tex in texmaker.
  3. Use LuaLaTeX to run and produce mark-cerqueira-resume.pdf. This means hitting the play button to the left (not right) of the LuaLaTeX dropdown. Also you need to have mark-cerqueira-resume.tex open to properly compile the PDF. If you are viewing a section file it will not work.
  4. Each section of the resume is stored in separate files in the sections folder.