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Enhance your workflow with extensions

Tools from the community and partners to simplify tasks and automate processes


Automate your workflow from idea to production

Scan Github Actions with TruffleHog

An infographics generator with 40+ plugins and 300+ options to display stats about your GitHub account

create, read, update, delete, merge, validate and do more with yaml

It is a simple combination of various linters, written in bash, to help validate your source code

Runs the gosec security checker

Replaces lame commit messages with meaningful AI-generated messages when you push to remote



Checkout a Git repository at a particular version

Support Amlogic, Rockchip and Allwinner boxes

GitHub Actions for GitHub Pages 🚀 Deploy static files and publish your site easily. Static-Site-Generators-friendly

Executing remote ssh commands



Cache artifacts like dependencies and build outputs to improve workflow execution time

This action will handle the deployment process of your project to GitHub Pages

Build and push Docker images with Buildx

Run simple scripts using the GitHub client

Generates a snake game from a github user contributions grid. Output the animation as gif or svg

Build Armbian Linux

Github Action for creating Github Releases

A Code Review Action Powered By ChatGPT

Setup a Node.js environment by adding problem matchers and optionally downloading and adding it to the PATH

Automate deploying websites and more with this GitHub action via FTP and FTPS