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Diversity, inclusion, and belonging at GitHub

GitHub is home to an interconnected community of developers from all over the world. To build the best platform for you, we need to build a company that reflects the world we live in today. Our diverse community is what allows us to innovate and push the boundaries of software development.

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Change starts from within. For GitHub to continue being the home for all developers, DI&B must be built into our foundation. We’re building a diverse and talented team of GitHub employees (“Hubbers”) with thoughtful hiring practices, and we’re growing inclusive leadership through tailored workshops and resources.

Our communities of belonging are at the heart of our inclusive culture—our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), affinity groups, and our Inclusion Advisory Council.

After launching Blacktocats at GitHub Universe in 2017, our first ERG was able to establish a roadmap for other ERGs and affinity groups to rally around common goals and interests. In 2019, we expanded our investment in ERGs with three additional groups—Octogatos, Adacats, and Octoqueer. We continue to support a number of affinity groups whose focus is to build community internally.

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Blacktocats Employee Resource Group

Blacktocats attract and empower black lives in tech.

Our goal is to increase the representation of Black Hubbers and connect Black communities to opportunities in technology. Our objectives are:

  • Recruitment and community-building

    Support GitHub’s efforts to attract the best Black talent and build an internal community that connects Hubbers with Blacktocats initiatives.

  • Career development and retention

    Promote Blacktocat leadership and development at all levels within GitHub.

  • Open source and education

    Support the Black community’s participation in open source projects and coding.

Blacktocats means belonging to an extended work family and making impactful contributions to the Black community both locally and abroad.

Leithia Williams, Senior Counsel
Blacktocats members volunteer at their Mini-Summit in Washington, DC.

Blacktocats means I get to bring my entire self to work. I can both exercise my skills and embrace my culture.

Rachel Grigsby, Sr. GRC Risk Analyst

Octogatos Employee Resource Group

Octogatos build a more inclusive universe by energizing and empowering multicultural perspectives.

Octogatos are focused on Hubbers of Latin American heritage and the diaspora of those identifying with Latin American backgrounds. Our objectives are:

  • Recruitment and retention

    Support GitHub’s efforts to attract the best Latinx talent.

  • Community and product

    Give back to Latinx communities and help make GitHub’s products more inclusive.

  • Communication and leadership development

    Mentor Octogatos to advance their careers and building efficient channels for them to communicate internally.

Being part of the Octogatos to me means being part of something bigger than myself. The opportunity to create positive change and help elevate the position of Latinx-ers in the Tech community.

Jaime Sanchez, Enterprise Support Engineer
Octogatos get together at GitHub Summit 2019 in Austin, Texas.

Octogatos has given me a sense of belonging and inclusion. It’s a safe space where I can talk to others and get feedback and support.

Alexandra Bourne, Technical Project Manager

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Adacats Employee Resource Group

Adacats are champions of and for people of marginalized gender identities in tech.

Our goal is to make tech equitable and welcoming for people of marginalized genders. Our objectives are:

  • Member engagement

    Offer training and facilitate conversations to empower our members to talk about career opportunities, compensation, and advancement.

  • Career development and retention

    Provide leadership development opportunities and encourage members to take on leadership roles within Adacats projects.

  • Internal resources and communication

    Partner with teams across the company to reduce bias and ensure marginalized people feel welcome at GitHub throughout hiring, onboarding, and reviews.

Adacats is a safe place to talk about topics of gender equity both inside the company and the larger community, as well as a space to connect with others to solve for those challenges.

Nadia Padzensky, Customer Success Program Manager
A few of the many Hubbers who belong to Adacats.

Being part of Adacats means not having to worry or count how many emoji I do or don’t use.

Jennifer Chermoshnyuk, Trust & Security Engineer

Octoqueer Employee Resource Group

Octoqueer exists to celebrate, elevate, and advocate for queer communities!

We push boundaries in order for GitHub to be the best place to work for the LGBTQ community. Our objectives are:

  • Foster GitHub inclusivity

    Strengthen GitHub’s inclusive culture by supporting the success and belonging of LGBTQ Hubbers.

  • Support and serve our community

    Engage with the LGBTQ community through events and outreach in tech and open source.

  • Advocate for LGBTQ policy

    Leverage GitHub’s influence to advocate for LGBTQ inclusive policies across the world.

Octoqueer members enjoy a cooking class as part of their inaugural Mini-Summit in San Francisco, CA.

Octoqueer connects me to a wider purpose by bringing together our diverse, queer community and building a culture at GitHub that celebrates our identity and shared history.

Jamie Hannaford, Senior Software Engineer

Inclusion Advisory Council

The Inclusion Advisory Council (IAC) advises the Human Resources and Leadership Teams on topics of diversity, inclusion, and belonging at GitHub.

IAC members share a laugh as they present the Council’s roadmap to the rest of the company.

Our objectives are:

  • Hubber advocacy and support

    Serve as liaisons between Hubbers and the Leadership Team on topics of inclusion.

  • Inclusive culture

    Model and facilitate inclusive practices in Hubbers’ daily interactions.

  • Empower and support employees

    Support DI&B projects and initiatives aligned with GitHub’s DI&B strategy, like our Employee Resource Group toolkit.

The Inclusion Advisory Council has empowered me to help Hubbers of all backgrounds learn from each other and gain exposure to new ideas together.

Abdulrahim Harara, Enterprise Business Representative

The Inclusion Advisory Council allows me to advocate for Hubbers’ needs and create impactful changes that lead to a more inclusive working environment.

Alexandra Archuleta, Enterprise Business Representative
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