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Businesses that utilize GitHub Enterprise:

GitHub Enterprise provides an end-to-end developer platform to accelerate businesses.

GitHub Enterprise

TELUS streamlined productivity by replacing their DevOps tools with GitHub

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  • $16.9M Costs saved with GitHub
  • 1 min Time saved per Action execution
  • 2 Hours saved per developer per week

TELUS utilized a patchwork of tools, leading to compatibility issues that resulted in prolonged development and testing times.


GitHub improved TELUS’ developer communication efficiency and reduced complexity by providing a centralized location for project visibility and discussion.


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    With GitHub Advanced Security, we now surface security issues much sooner—before they're pushed.

    Joyce Wang

    Director, Software Engineering @ LinkedIn

  • Profile picture of Tina Beamer_Headshot
    With GitHub, we can collaborate better across our various environments. It's made us twice as productive.

    Tina Beamer

    IT Manager of Operations & Quality @ 3M

  • Profile picture of Dominik_Headshot
    GitHub is a critical service for developers—our community relies on it.

    Dominik Kundel

    Principal Product Manager—Developer Experience @ Twilio

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