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Generate Documentation for React Components.

Docky is a tool for generating documentation for React component libraries. It works by reading a specified README (optional) and directory of components and parsing the components and their comments, using react-docgen.

If a Readme file is specified, Docky will auto-parse the h2 (##) headers and add them to the sidebar with relative links to the page content.

View Demo

Example Component

import React, { Component, PropTypes } from 'react';

 * Some general description of your component
class App extends Component {
  render = ({ className, children }) => (
    <main className={className}>

App.propTypes = {
   * Description of prop type
  children: PropTypes.any.isRequired,
   * Description of prop type
  className: PropTypes.string.isRequired

CLI Usage

Install docky globally:

npm install -g docky

Run docky on a single file or entire folder:

docky src/components/**/*.js

Example Usage with Options

docky src/components/**/*.js \ # specify the components to parse
  --watch "src/components/**/*.js","./" \ # watch files
  --ignore "src/components/**/index.js" \ # ignored files

Tip: to avoid retyping the command every time, add it to an NPM script in in your package.json


Usage: docky [files] [options]


-h, --help              output usage information
-V, --version           output the version number
-c, --color <HEX>       Change the primary theme color (defaults to blue)
-w, --watch "<files>"   Watch specific files and compile on change (comma separate directories/files to watch multiple)
-i, --ignore "<files>"  Ignore specified files from docs
--use-readme [bool]     include/omit README from your documentation (defaults to true)


Docky uses Pug (formally known as Jade) and SASS for template generation. The files can be found under the template directory.

There is a components directory which contains some example React components for testing. You can run docky over the local folder by running:

npm run docs

To compile the sass, run:

npm run sass

Live Reload Compilation

To auto-compile the docs on change, use the npm start command which will start BrowserSync (for live reloading), SASS --watch (for regenerating csss) and Docky --watch (for re-compilation).


This tool relies heavily on the react-docgen project by the reactjs team so many thanks to those who have made Docky possible.