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Marko CLI

API Stability Lerna Styled with prettier MIT Build status


Command Description Version
create ✨ Create a Marko application from an example project NPM Version
serve 🚀 Serve a Marko application or individual component for local development NPM Version
build 📦 Build an optimized Marko application (the production-ready counterpart to serve) NPM Version
migrate 🧹 Update Marko components to remove usage of deprecated apis NPM Version
prettyprint 💅 Reformat Marko source files for consistency and beauty NPM Version
test ✅ Test marko components in both node and browsers NPM Version

Each command is distrubuted as a separate npm package (@marko/<command>). You can execute individual commands using npx @marko/<command> (e.g. npx @marko/create). We recommend installing most commands locally and using marko-<command> in your package.json scripts.


This repo provides a consistent build, test, & development environment for all of Marko's CLI commands.

npm scripts

  • test Run the tests for all packages
  • publish Runs build and begins publishing any changed packages
  • build Runs babel on the src folder for every package (runs on publish)
  • format Formats the files in the repo (runs on precommit)
  • lint Lints the files in the repo (runs on precommit)

Code of Conduct

This project adheres to the eBay Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.