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Simple scripts (nothing artistic) that I've used. Sadly not all my scripts can be uploaded but some's better than none :)

  • "": one of the few Netscaler scripts I still have and that I can technically publish. It calculates information on AGEE (SSL VPN on Netscaler) and spits it out in a .csv format. Unbeliavably a lot of this information is not in the Netscaler reporting tools.

  • "": bash script written to verify Ubuntu Upstart packaging works across multiple versions of MongoDB

  • "": bash script to quickly set up a 3-shard cluster. The data either needs to be imported after and the db & collection sharded OR it's previously been done. Very useful for quickly testing or repro'ing something.

  • "": bash script that sets up a 3-shard cluster and imports data from Twitter in json format.

  • "": quick, little script to pull down 10gen gpg key for "aptitude" package manage when Ubuntu key-server is non-responsive (which sadly happens too frequently)

Usage: for all the above scripts, make executable via "chmod a+x $script" and execute or "bash $script" for the shell scripts and "perl $script" for the perl scripts etc.

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