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This is a quick hack to display time lines of different timezones for easy comparison. Handy if you're working with people from multiple different timezones and want to see how your hours line up. Makes use of Java's timezone data to hopefully handle daylight savings correctly.


Behind the scenes this is implemented using Compojure, Enlive (for templating), Clojure's built-in XML functionality, JQuery and Batik (for generating JPEG versions of the time lines).

To build it it's the usual:

  1. Get Leiningen from and put the 'lein' script somewhere in your $PATH.

  2. From the checkout directory directory, run `lein uberjar'. Lein will grab all required dependencies and produce a standalone uberjar.

I run my instance with:


 cd /path/to/checkout
 java -jar path-to-uberjar 8081

All pretty messy, but that's what quick hacks are for!