Minimal example LinkingTo the stringdist C api
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Minimal example of an R package LinkingTo the stringdist C api.


You don't really need to install this package since you're not going to use it for anything. The code can be obtained by cloning this repository.

git clone


This package uses a function from the stringdist C API, which is called from pure C code. A more interesting and C++ based example can be found in the refinr package.

A full API description can be found by typing


in the R console.

Don't forget to set @useDynLib via Roxygen documentation. Alternatively set useDynLib() manually in the NAMESPACE file.

Adding stringdist to the Imports fied of the DESCRIPTION file is not enough. You also need to add an @import stringdist Roxygen field or an import(stringdist) entry manually in the NAMESPACE file to ensure that stringdist is loaded and the shared object files are available. Alternatively an @ImportFrom or the NAMESPACE equivalent will work as well.

This package also registers its single C routine for export. This is only necessary to avoid a NOTE when preparing a package for CRAN. I.E. the note only pops up when checking the package with the --as-cran flag. So it is not necessary to add a file like R_RegisterNativeRoutines.c for local packages.

Code for this package was developed using VIM.