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Serverless Plugin SNS


This plugin easily subscribes your lambda functions to SNS notifications. If the required SNS-Topics don't exist, they will be created automatically during the deployment.

Note: This plugin supports Serverless 0.5.* (please see previous versions for older sls versions)


cd projectfolder
npm install serverless-plugin-sns
  • add the plugin to your s-project.json file
"plugins": [

Run the Plugin

  • the plugin uses a hook that is called after each deployment of a function
  • you only have to deploy your function as usual sls function deploy
  • add the following attribute to the s-function.json in your functions folder
  "sns": {
    "topic": "your-dev-sns-topic"
  • the topic will be created automatically, if not yet done
  • topicnames can use the following dynamic template-names:

  "sns": {
    "topic": "${project}-sns"

Subscribe a lambda to multiple SNS Topics

  • put an array of topics to the sns attribute
  "sns": [
    {"topic": "your-dev-sns-topic1"},
    {"topic": "your-dev-sns-topic2"}

Next Steps