SchlundTech DynDNS backend for PHP
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SchlundTech DynDNS backend for PHP.



  • Contract with Schlund-Technologies and access to the XML-Gateway.
  • Webserver with PHP and php-curl (optional, runs from CLI as well).


  1. Create a subdomain with an A-record in your domain, say It should have a low TTL value such that it is not cached (schlundtech only allows >=60).
  2. Upload the files to your webserver. The update.php script has to be accessible from the web, for example: HTTPS is highly recommended!
  3. Copy config.example.php to config.php and adjust the settings.
  4. Create the logdir and give the webserver write-access to it.
  5. Set up a cron-job, fritz-box, router, ... to do a request every time the ip-address changes. The URL is<password>&<ipaddr>&ip6addr=<ip6addr>

NGINX configuration

This is an example configuration for nginx:

server {
  # your settings

  location ~ /\.git {
    deny all;

  location ~ ^/config.*.php { deny all; }
  location ~ ^/request-get.xml { deny all; }
  location ~ ^/request-put.xml  { deny all; }
  location ~ ^/logs/  { deny all; }

Command line

The script can also be executed from the command line:

php update.php --pass="<password>" --domain="" --ipaddr="<ipaddr>" --ip6addr="<ip6addr>"


  • Standardize API, e.g. like
  • Security-Audit
  • Rolling log files