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Material Components for iOS

Material's iOS libraries are in maintenance mode as of July 15, 2021

On July 15, 2021, the Material Components for iOS library and its related Material Foundation and Material Motion dependencies entered maintenance mode. This included:

What can you use instead?

We recommend that you follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and consider using modern UIKit components or SwiftUI instead. Both offer a high degree of flexibility through which you can express your product's brand while providing a predictable and familiar Apple platforms experience for your users. You'll also benefit from ongoing investments Apple makes in accessibility, ease of use, and deep integrations with OS features.

Alternatively, Flutter enables you to get a Material look and feel across all platforms.

What maintenance mode means for MDC iOS

Once we enter maintenance mode we will have the following support policy:

  • Releases will be cut on a best-effort and as-needed basis.
  • Feature and support requests will automatically be closed.
  • Bugs will be addressed on a best-effort basis.
  • All iOS-specific documentation on will be removed.
  • We will no longer maintain any .md documentation on GitHub.
  • Contributions may still be accepted, but reviews will be performed on a best-effort basis and are not guaranteed to result in a merge.

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