A package for interleaving / multileaving ranking generation in go
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A package for interleaving / multileaving ranking generation in go

It is mainly tailored to be used for generating interleaved or multileaved ranking based on the following algorithm

  • Balanced Interleaving/Multileaving (in github.com/mathetake/itergo/bm package)
  • Optimized Multileaving (in github.com/mathetake/intergo/om package)
  • Team Draft Interleaving/Multileaving (in github.com/mathetake/itergo/tdm package)

NOTE: this package aims only at generating a single combined ranking and does not implement the evaluation functions of the given rankings.

How to use

Note that all of your ranking satisfy the intergo.Ranking interface

type Ranking interface {
	GetIDByIndex(int) interface{}
	Len() int

which is used for removing duplications in the list.

Anyway, the following example is self-explanatory:

package main

import (


type tRanking []int

func (rk tRanking) GetIDByIndex(i int) interface{} {
	return rk[i]

func (rk tRanking) Len() int {
	return len(rk)

var _ intergo.Ranking = tRanking{}

func main() {
	TDM := &tdm.TeamDraftMultileaving{}
	rankingA := tRanking{1, 2, 3, 4, 5,}
	rankingB := tRanking{10, 20, 30, 40, 50}

	idxToRk := map[int]tRanking{
		0: rankingA,
		1: rankingB,

	res, _ := TDM.GetInterleavedRanking(4, rankingA, rankingB)
	iRanking := tRanking{}
	for _, it := range res {
		iRanking = append(iRanking, idxToRk[it.RankingIDx][it.ItemIDx])

	fmt.Println("Result: ", iRanking)


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