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In-place localization tool
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Pontoon enables localizers to translate web apps and web sites in place with context and spatial limitations right in front of them. A full list of extracted strings is also available, to help with strings that are hard to reach, e.g. error messages and the <title> tag. Localizer Docs.

To enable localization of your site with Pontoon, include a script to overcome cross frame scripting, and Pontoon will autodetect strings. Or, to make the best out of Pontoon, fully prepare your site with hooks that will mark strings for localization and include all the neccessary tags. Developer Docs.

Service Documentation

Want to contribute to Pontoon or deploy your own instance? Check out the Service Documentation.

Get involved

  • File a bug
  • Read more on the Wiki
  • Join #pontoon on IRC



This software is licensed under the New BSD License. For more information, read LICENSE.

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