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gplaycli Python package Debian package

GPlayCli is a command line tool to search, install, update Android applications from the Google Play Store.

$ usage: gplaycli [-h] [-V] [-v] [-s SEARCH] [-d AppID [AppID ...]] [-y] [-l FOLDER] [-P] [-av] [-a] [-F FILE]
            [-u FOLDER] [-f FOLDER] [-dc DEVICE_CODENAME] [-t] [-tu TOKEN_URL] [-ts TOKEN_STR] [-g GSF_ID]
            [-c CONF_FILE] [-p] [-L]

A Google Play Store Apk downloader and manager for command line

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -V, --version         Print version number and exit
  -v, --verbose         Be verbose
  -s SEARCH, --search SEARCH
                        Search the given string in Google Play Store
  -d AppID [AppID ...], --download AppID [AppID ...]
                        Download the Apps that map given AppIDs
  -y, --yes             Say yes to all prompted questions
  -l FOLDER, --list FOLDER
                        List APKS in the given folder, with details
  -P, --paid            Also search for paid apps
  -av, --append-version
                        Append versionstring to APKs when downloading
  -a, --additional-files
                        Enable the download of additional files
  -F FILE, --file FILE  Load packages to download from file, one package per line
  -u FOLDER, --update FOLDER
                        Update all APKs in a given folder
  -f FOLDER, --folder FOLDER
                        Where to put the downloaded Apks, only for -d command
  -dc DEVICE_CODENAME, --device-codename DEVICE_CODENAME
                        The device codename to fake
  -t, --token           Instead of classical credentials, use the tokenize version
  -tu TOKEN_URL, --token-url TOKEN_URL
                        Use the given tokendispenser URL to retrieve a token
  -ts TOKEN_STR, --token-str TOKEN_STR
                        Supply token string by yourself, need to supply GSF_ID at the same time
  -g GSF_ID, --gsfid GSF_ID
                        Supply GSF_ID by yourself, need to supply token string at the same time
  -c CONF_FILE, --config CONF_FILE
                        Use a different config file than gplaycli.conf
  -p, --progress        Prompt a progress bar while downloading packages
  -L, --log             Enable logging of apps status in separate logging files


There are 2 ways of authenticating: token (default) or credentials.


By default, gplaycli fetches a token from a token dispenser server located at to login in Google Play. If you want to use another token dispenser server, change its URL in the configuration file (depends on the way you installed it).


If you want to use your own Google credentials, put


in the config file and type in your credentials in




See for releases and changelogs



python3 -m pip install gplaycli or python3 -m pip install gplaycli --user if you are non-root (consider using virtualenv)

Debian installation

Releases are available here as debian packages. Or click this link for automated builds Debian package