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cuwo is an open server implementation for Cube World, written in Python and C++. It currently has the best protocol coverage among all the server projects out there, and has features like

  • Cross-platform support (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, what have you)
  • NPCs and mobs, just as in the regular server
  • File/console logging
  • MOTD message
  • Scripting (see the minimal example)
  • Advanced configuration
  • Ban system
  • Commands (/kick, /say, /whereis, /setclock, /kill, /stun. etc.)
  • Rights management (/login password)
  • IRC bot
  • PvP script
  • DDoS prevention
  • Lower CPU requirements than normal server
  • Optimizations in C++
  • Master server on
  • Support for 40+ players
  • ... and much more!

Note that cuwo only supports x86 and x86-64, so it will not work on ARM.



See the quick-start guide for a quick way to get started.

Alternatively, you can also build from source.


Make sure you have Python >= 3.6, native compilers, and the following dependencies installed:

  • cython
  • pyrr

If you want IRC bot support, you will also need the irc3 package.

These packages can be installed with pip install cython pyrr irc3

To build cuwo, run python build_ext --inplace.

To run the server, run python -m cuwo.server.

For more information, see this guide.


In terms of the protocol and features, the following has been implemented:

  • Player join/leave
  • Player movement and animations
  • Magic/arrows/etc. relay
  • Player hits on entities/other players
  • Item pickup/drop
  • Time management
  • Terrain generator
  • Interactive objects (doors, beds)
  • Preliminary support for Mobs and NPCs

A lot is still to be implemented gameplay-wise. Most importantly, NPCs and mobs have only recently been implemented, so expect some issues related to these.

Other features include

  • MITM proxy (for reverse-engineering)
  • Cube World/Qubicle model converter (tools/
  • Map viewer (tools/


  • Q. I get ImportError: No module named 'cuwo.entity' when running cuwo.

  • A. See the instructions for running/building cuwo.

  • Q. How do I pronounce 'cuwo'?

  • A. 'coo-woo' (no, not 'kew-woh')

  • Q. I am not a programmer, and I can't reverse-engineer anything. How do I help?

  • A. We need people who can create end-user documentation as well! Have a look around, and see if anything is missing on the wiki.

  • Q. What is a MITM proxy?

  • A. A MITM proxy sits between your client and server, and can manipulate and inject packets. It's not really useful to the normal user, so use the regular cuwo server instead.

  • Q. Can I donate to the project somehow?

  • A. Yes! You don't have to, of course, but it will help bring the server forward.

  • Click here to lend your support to cuwo and make a donation at!

Special thanks

Sarcen - help with protocol variables, scripting, anticheat

Perl - protocol RE

ZeZeene - web interface for master server

Lord_Nightmare - terraingen help and support with x86

Kyle - master server JS

MazeXD - master server JS and design

cs475x - website design

Kainzo - testing

uwee - protocol variables

Somer - help with some protocol variables

Favorlock - scripting and commands

SLoW - scripting

DRayX - and protocol RE

MAT4DOR - cub model details

Xaymar - RE and character details

Endimmion - for his generous Pledgie donation

BLACKROCK - for help on passive packet

9th - help with RE