a simple nbody for the moshpits project
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Collective motion at heavy metal concerts

A simple n-body code to simulate a 2D set of particles using a cell neighbor locator.
Uses OpenGL for display capabilities and is reasonably fast.

There are options in the Makefile so that it works easily with other systems (edit as necessary):

  • DOPLOT - display with opengl
  • FPS - calculate frames per second (not portable, POSIX only)
  • POINTS - make the opengl display points, not fancy circles (a speed issue)
  • IMAGES - use OpenIL to save screen shots to disk

To compile, simply make.

There are several dependencies required to use all features:

  • freeglut - used for simple OpenGL bindings. This is different than regular glut and not compatible.
  • OpenIL - open image library used to save screenshots to various image formats.

To install these on a debian system, use the command:

sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev libdevil-dev    

There are helper scripts which generate several of the plots in the paper. They are written in Python and located in the scripts directory. Each one requires different files to be present in order to run.
To make the plots you can go to the scripts directory and run:

python utilities.py all

or you can run each individually after reading the utilities.py file. If you prefer to launch the phase diagram creation across many machines, edit the hostlist file and then launch hostlist_launch.

Check out the related project at Moshpits.js