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DOM PDF for Silverstripe
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PDF Generation via DOMPDF Library


  • HTML string (which could be rendered template)
  • HTML File


  • PDF File location
  • SS File
  • PDF binary stream to browser

Quickly getting started

Find the ID number of a page (ie 1) and go to; /pdf/1

Customize your tempalte by copying DefaultPDF to your theme directory.

View raw output by going to; /pdf/1?show

Example usage

$pdf = new SS_DOMPDF();


The $pdf->streamdebug(); function is useful for quickly viewing pdfs, particularly if your browser supports displaying pdfs, rather than downloading.

You can check your html before it is converted like this:

echo $mydataobject->renderWith('MyTemplate');die();

Once this has been installed then you need to; parse your PDF templates to a .html file get dompdf to convert the saved .html file

A more advanced solution would be something like;

class CustomPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

public function mypdf(){
    if($member = Member::currentUser()){

        if(!file_exists(ASSETS_PATH."/private")) mkdir(ASSETS_PATH."/private");

        require_once 'Zend/Date.php';
        $defaultDateFormat =Zend_Date::now()->toString($member->DateFormat);
        $defaultTimeFormat = Zend_Date::now()->toString($member->TimeFormat);           

        $content = $this->customise(array(
            'Member'    => $member

        $baseFile = preg_replace('/\\.pdf$/','',$filename);

        $fh = fopen($baseFile, "w+") or user_error("Couldn't open $baseFile.html for writing", E_USER_ERROR);
        fwrite($fh, $content) or user_error("Couldn't write content to $baseFile.html", E_USER_ERROR);

        $dompdf = new SS_DOMPDF();

        if ( isset($base_path) ) {$dompdf->set_base_path($base_path);}

        $orientation = "portrait";

        $dompdf->set_paper($paper, $orientation);

        $outfile = substr("{$member->FullName()}_{$defaultDateFormat}_{$defaultTimeFormat}", 0, 250).".pdf";


* You may also like this 'test' function
public function testpdf(){
    if($member = Member::currentUser()){
        require_once 'Zend/Date.php';
        $defaultDateFormat =Zend_Date::now()->toString($member->DateFormat);
        $defaultTimeFormat = Zend_Date::now()->toString($member->TimeFormat);           

        $content = $this->customise(array(
            'Member'    => $member
        return $content;


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