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This code consists of two tools:

  • a binary, rst2epub, to convert rst files into epub2 compliant files (ie that pass epub check, can be loaded into Apple, BN, Kobo, etc. Or converted to mobi and thrown into AMZN)
  • a library, epublib, that has the ability to programatically create epub files. See the test function in epublib/ for more details. There is experimental support for KF8 fixed layout as well.



make develop

will create a virtualenv in env. The binary will be located in the env/bin/ directory.

Known to work on linux systems. (Should work on apple, cygwin, MS with some futzing).


There are a few rst tweaks to support features such as metadata. See the sample doc for examples of a complete book and how to generate both epub and mobi files.

Feel free to interact via github for support.

Thanks wrote the original epublib and hosted it on google code. I've tweaked (pep8'd) it and imported into github.

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