Beggar my Neighbour simulator in Python
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Does an infinite game of Beggar-My-Neighbour exist? This question has definitely not plagued scientists for millennia. However, in the event that you think you have found a very long game of Beggar My Neighbour, you might wish to run it through a Beggar My Neighbour simulator written in Python. You can see a full list of record holders here:




Paulhus 1999:
Starting hands: ------------KAQ----J------/-JQQK---K----JK--QA-A-JA--
There were 4791 turns
There were 670 tricks

Kleber 1999:
Starting hands: ---JQ---K-A----A-J-K---QK-/-J-----------AJQA----K---Q
There were 5790 turns
There were 805 tricks

Collins 2006:
Starting hands: A-QK------Q----KA-----J---/-JAK----A--Q----J---QJ--K-
There were 6913 turns
There were 960 tricks

Mann and Wu 2007:
Starting hands: K-KK----K-A-----JAA--Q--J-/---Q---Q-J-----J------AQ--
There were 7157 turns
There were 1007 tricks

Nessler 2012:
Starting hands: ----Q------A--K--A-A--QJK-/-Q--J--J---QK---K----JA---
There were 7207 turns
There were 1015 tricks

Anderson 2013:
Starting hands: --A-Q--J--J---Q--AJ-K---K-/-J-------Q------A--A--QKK-
There were 7225 turns
There were 1016 tricks

Rucklidge 2014:
Starting hands: -J------Q------AAA-----QQ-/K----JA-----------KQ-K-JJK
There were 7959 turns
There were 1122 tricks