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This is a WIP, use at your own risk.

A RESTful OpenAPI spec API around the Walt Disney World Resort

To see ReDoc:

yarn run speccy serve specs/openapi.yml

And then go to localhost:5000 to see the documentation


Work with the Parks Resource Collection

    GET/POST /parks
    GET/PUT/DELETE /parks/{id}

Work with the Rides Resource Collection

    GET/POST /rides
    GET/PUT/DELETE rides/{id}

Work with the Restaurants Resource Collection

    GET/POST /restaurants
    GET/PUT/DELETE /restaurants

Work with the Resorts Resource Collection

    GET/POST /resorts
    GET/PUT/DELETE /restaurants/{id}


  • Composer
  • Yarn


If you want to install a local copy of this project

  • Clone to your local
  • Cd to project, and composer install the dependencies
  • To use Homestead, edit the path in Homestead.yaml to reflect your local and:
$ ./vendor/bin/homestead make && vagrant up
  • Edit your /etc/hosts (not sure about windows) and add homestead.test or whatever you want it to be.
  • vagrant ssh and cd to root of project
  • Install JS dependencies with Yarn (needed for Speccy)
  • Migrate and Seed the Database with php artisan migrate && php artisan db:seed
  • Alternatively, you could import the data.sql file into your local mysql instance
  • Open Postman and hit the endpoints above to ensure it works.

If you see an issue, hit me up on twitter @matthewtrask