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This is my public markdown resume I use as my 'plain text' version and to generate a nice HTML version by using pandoc. Feel free to use it as a template for yours.

Note that the resume isn't properly formatted in GitHub by opening It seems GitHub does not support definition lists.

HTML resume:

Simple format generation

Just edit and generate using the examples below. All generation codes below require pandoc.

Generate HTML version

Generates a .html file that will be using style.css.

pandoc -s -c style.css -o resume.html

Generate plain text version

I rather just use the markdown version. But a text version might be useful.

pandoc -s -S -t asciidoc -o resume.txt

Generate PDF version

I use a browser to print the HTML version to PDF. But pandoc does support direct conversion.

pandoc -o resume.pdf

Generate docx version

Has some formatting errors, but who cares for docx anyway.

pandoc -s -S -o resume.docx

Advanced: using partials

There may be an use case you would want to generate a public and private resume and even multi language. For this please see the file I use this to generate my resumes in dutch and english. Both with a private and public version.

Note that this project ignores any *private files so they are not commited to GitHub, and thus missing for you.