Experimental Bro scripts with good prospects for the official bro-scripts repository.
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This repository is a mixed bag of Bro scripts that are too specific to be included in the official Bro scripts repository. The scripts are of expirimental nature and might have a few edges, so you are welcome to ping me for feedback and clarifications.

The repository contains Bro scripts in the directory bro and awk scripts for post-processing the logs in awk.

Please see the file COPYING for the licence details.



This script reassembles HTTP bodies and raises an event with the complete contents. Concretely, it reassembles the current request and/or response body via the http_entity_{begin,data,end} events and raises the new event http_body which has the following signature:

http_body_complete: event(c: connection);

Upon handling http_body_complete, you can be sure that c$http$body contains the full string of the HTTP response unless the body exceeds HTTP::max_body_size bytes, in which case the body is chopped off at that size.

Aside from c$http$body, this script adds a second field to c$http named reassembl_body which determines whether the current connection should reassemble the body. For example, if you observe some suspicious header value, you could set c$http$reassembl_body = T and hand the http_body_complete event. Note that this flag is per connection and not per HTTP message, which means you would need to turn it off after handling http_body_complete if you wanted body reassembly at the HTTP message level.

Because the keeping track of all HTTP bodies would likely exceed the amount of available memory, we need to focus of a subset of HTTP message bodies. The script offers the following variables in the HTTP namespace in addition to c$http$reassembl_body:

## Flag that indicates whether to hook request bodies.
const hook_request_bodies = F &redef;

## Flag that indicates whether to hook reply bodies.
const hook_reply_bodies = T &redef;

## The pattern applies 
const hook_host_pattern = /.*/ &redef;

## Do not buffer more than this amount of bytes per HTTP message.
const max_body_size = 50000000;

Requires Bro 2.x