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Python-like S-expressions. Say it with a lisp!
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Have you always wanted to try one of the Lisps, but been intimidated by the parentheses? Do you derive pleasure from meticulously indented code? Does the phrase "semantic whitespace" fill you with joy?

Well then, pysonic is for you!

Pysonic is currently a very simple Clojure macro that makes Lisp-family code look like Python code. It is eventually intended to be a usable alternate syntax, if I can figure out how to get around the lack of user-defined reader macros in clojure.

Further information available here.

Q: Why is it spelled 'pysonic'? Is it like 'psionics'?

A: No, psionics were the worst part of D&D. Try saying 'pysonic' with a Lisp. (Credit to @scheidegger for that one.)

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