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#Usage First open the app (for the universal version just enter the adress or open the link in the download section in your webbrowser.
Then use the command /getip in Minecraft on the world/server you want to observe. Enter the given ip in th app settings (You may have to enter the port [/getmssport] as well if you changed it). Afterwards enter your Minecraft username. Save or close the settings and the app should connect as long as the server/world is running. If you use this in singleplayer you have to reconnect eachtime you close and reopen your world

Most stuff happens by itself, the chat feature should be self explanatory as well. So there are only two things left to explain:

##Worldinfo or Blockobservation
If you open the worldinfo site in any of the apps it should not contain very much informations.
To change that you can observe different Blocks ingame. This is seperated in two groups:
####Redstoneinfo You can observe the redstone status (powered/onpowered) of any solid block ingame. Just look at this block and use /mss redinfo add (<public/private>). is the name which appears in the app and <public/private> is optional and makes the block visible to all or just you (default is private).
You should then see the redstone status of that block in the app. To remove the observer just destroy the block or use /mss redinfo remove .

If you use this on a lever you are able to control the lever status via the app and thereby redstone in the world. ####Other observations You also can observere other special blocks, which currently are: *Any inventory (see whats in it) *Any liquid container eg. Buildcraft tanks (see whats in it)) *Nodes from Thaumcraft (see how much of which aspect is in it) *Redstoneenergycontainer (see how much is in them) You can always check for the most recent list in game with /mss observer list

To observe a block look at it and use /mss observer add (<public/private>) (). For the first two arguments see above, the last (optional) argument is the type of the observed block. The mod should be able to figure it out itself, but sometimes there are multiple options. You can then give it a type so it knows what to do. You can get the types and shortforms via /mss observer list, but the mod always lists the possible types if it fails to decide.

##Configs/Permissions You can prevent random users from connecting to the server with the app by setting "auth_required" to true. Users then have to connect to the game enter /mss register to set a password and then enter the choosen password in the app. You can prevent users from observing blocks publicly by setting "public_observer_admin_only" to true.
You can change how often the single listeners like worldinfo or serverinfo is updated by changing the values in the config file. To disallow registered users from sending chat messages or controlling redstone enable "auth_required" the open /secondscreen/mss-users/ with a texteditor (they have to connect via the app once for that file to appear) and change the permissions inside. The password you can see in there is a hash of the real password and cannot be converted back.

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