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Template for projects using nodejs + coffeescript
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Template for projects using nodejs + coffeescript

Technologies used in this template:


The following npm packages are required:

  • express
  • coffee-script
  • eco
  • less

To install them run:

make modules

To create the public dir:

make public


  • the file that configures and starts the server
  • app/: directory where all application related files are stored
    • assets/: assets files (css + js), will automatically will published to public/
      • css/: less css files, must use the .less extension
      • js/: coffeescript files, must use the .coffee extension
    • views/: views file (see express documentation)
    • your url handlers
  • public/: the publicly available directory

Starting the server

coffee [--port=8080]

The file

The file is pretty straightforward:

exports.actions = (app, argv, options) ->

    app.get '/', (req, res) -> 
        res.render 'index'

    # add more actions here

As you can see, you can add more actions following the express documentation below the existing one.

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