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↔️ Swipe through Lovelace views on mobile.
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Lovelace Swipe Navigation

Swipe through Lovelace views on mobile.

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This is included as a feature in compact-custom-header, there is no need to install this if you already use CCH.


  • Animated swiping through Lovelace views.
  • Configure views to skip over.
  • Set the swipe length needed.
  • Option to disable a browsers default swipe actions.
  • Wrap from first view to last view and vice versa.


Follow only one of these installation methods.

Manual installation:
  1. Copy swipe-navigation.js into /www/lovelace-swipe-navigation/

  2. Add the resource in ui-lovelace.yaml or by using the "Raw Config Editor".

  # increase this version number at end of URL after each update
  - url: /local/lovelace-swipe-navigation/swipe-navigation.js?v=1.0.0
    type: js
  1. Refresh the page.
Installation and tracking with HACS:
  1. In "store" search for lovelace-swipe-navigation and install.

  2. Configure Lovelace to load the card:

  - url: /community_plugin/lovelace-swipe-navigation/swipe-navigation.js
    type: js
  1. Refresh the Lovelace page.


Configuration is done in the root of your lovelace configuration.


  - url: /local/lovelace-swipe-navigation/swipe-navigation.js?v=1.0.0
    type: js

  wrap: false
  animate: swipe
  skip_tabs: 5,6,7,8
  prevent_default: true
  swipe_amount: 30

Config Options:

Name Type Default Description
swipe_amount number 15 Minimum percent of screen needed to be swiped in order to navigate.
skip_tabs string A comma seperated list of views to skip when swiping. e.g., 1,3,5.
wrap boolean true Wrap from first tab to last tab and vice versa.
prevent_default boolean false Prevents the browsers default horizontal swipe actions.
animate string no animation Swipe animations. Can be: swipe, fade, flip.

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