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Unity project demonstrating real-time streaming from Qualisys Track Manager to Magic Leap
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Qualisys Tracking Manager / Magic Leap Integration

This project implements the Qualisys Realtime SDK for .NET on the Magic Leap headset, enabling augmented reality experiences driven by motion capture data.



Unity Hub is recommended.

After cloning and opening the Unity project:

  • Import the Magic Leap Unity Package.
  • In Build Settings > Lumin OS, make sure that the Lumin SDK Location is pointing to the correct directory, and that Lumin OS is set as the build platform.
  • In Publishing Settings, make sure that ML Certificate is set to point to your Magic Leap certificate.
  • Set up the Connector_Controller script attached to the Control and Connection GameObject:
    • IP Address should point to the computer from which QTM is streaming data.
    • Print... and Render... options allow for various ways of displaying the incoming data. (Printing to console is slow, printing a high-frequency data stream will congestion.)
    • Controller Hand may need to be changed depending on how your device is set up.
    • Rotation Speed and Translation Speed affect responses when moving the rendering around using the controller.

A release where the QTM IP address and other settings can be configured interactively within the application is in the works.

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