GUI for nethogs using GKT
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This is a desktop graphical application for nethogs.
Gnethogs uses libnethogs which is built from source by following the instructions below.




To build form source and install:

  • install dependencies:
    • Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install build-essential libncurses5-dev libpcap-dev libgtkmm-3.0-dev autoconf autopoint intltool libxml2-utils
    • Yum-based distros: yum install gcc-c++ libpcap-devel.x86_64 libpcap.x86_64 ncurses* gtkmm30-docs autoconf autopoint intltool libxml2-utils
  • cd ~
  • git clone
  • git clone
  • cd ~/nethogs && make libnethogs && sudo make install_dev
  • cd ~/gnethogs && ./ && ./configure && make && sudo make install
  • sudo setcap cap_net_raw+ep /usr/local/bin/gnethogs (To be able to run it as non-root user)
  • Seach nethogs in your application/activity menu!

To uninstall:

  • cd ~/nethogs && sudo make uninstall
  • cd ~/gnethogs && sudo make uninstall